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Youth Policy Review in Hungary

The ’Youth Policy Review  in Hungary’ is part of an international research-series, in which Hungarian and foreign researchers are surveying the public policies affecting the life of youth in the given countries.

The organizer of the Hungarian project is the Pillar Foundation, while the international coordination is carried through by the German organization Demokratie & Dialog. The Hungarian research group is made up by specialists of youth-research and youth-policy. In the project public policies (including those having only an indirect impact on the youth) and their effects on young people’s lives are analysed till 2007 retrospectively.

The aim of the project

The aim of the project is to support young people, specialists and organizations in representing the interests of the young. The Youth Policy Review could also help civilian youth organizations to get feedback about the realization and the  impact of national and international political decisions. As a result we would like to provide young people, organizations dealing with young people, specialists of the youth policies in a broad sense and, last but not least, politicians with a study (in Hungarian and in English), which can be used in practice and could make  the preparation, the making and the implementation of youth-policy decisions more efficient.

The approach

The global youth policy review series uses a unique approach to reveal and analyze policies that concern youth issues. Under the German organization’s coordination, every participating country uses a similar approach in research and in organizing the national coordination.

The results of the research are summarized into four main chapters in every country. The topics of the main chapters are the following:

  • current situation of youth
  • review of youth policies
  • practical execution of the above mentioned policies
  • effects of policies on youth

The project aims not only to analyze previous research results and publicly available data, but also to consult a wide range of actors of domestic youth policy and youth organizations. The work of the Hungarian researchers is assisted by a foreign expert, and the text of the publications is approved by an international editorial commission. The results of the research will be published both in Hungarian and in English in the Summer of 2015.

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The project was assisted by the Open Society Institute Budapest Foundation (OSI).