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The ’Pillar Foundation’ is a non-governmental civil organization. Our objective is to strengthen the identity of Europeanness among Hungarian youth by bringing together, assisting and training those intellectualsinterested in the European Union, as well as providing assistance to those who are not familiar with the opportunities that the EU offers to its citizens.

We are committed towards preserving and spreading the values of democracy, cultural diversity, human rights and solidarity, which are essential parts of the European identity. We are confident that these values along being open-minded to political and public issues can create an intellectual community, which is the  key element of  the European Union’s  progess.

The main element of our activity is to provide organizational support and a strong community for young Hungarians and foreigners, who firmly believe in the above mentioned values and goals. Our community consists of ambitious and eager young adults with similar fields of interest. We offer them the opportunity to accomplish their own ideas as well as to attend regular programs Our recurring programs consist of lectures, debates, professional training courses, conferences in Hungary and abroad and further activities that help transform academic knowledge into practice.