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EU Lesson

tl_files/EUtanora/Szentendre_2014_1.jpgAfter a few years pause, we restarted the Pillar Foundation’s EU Lesson project in 2012 with the help of a tender. At that time, we targeted the socially underprivileged and handicapped high school students. We mainly visited cities in the countryside (Debrecen, Eger, Gyomaendrőd) and rural villages, since it is much more difficult to get information about mobility and learning opportunities in these areas of the country. After the tender support ended  we concludedthat the project had to be continued and got an extension. So the EU Lesson team of the Pillar Foundation kept on working and has been training and developing its community. We place great emphasis on creating‘an interactive, playful atmosphere’. Though this approach is mainly applicable for small groups, we intend to adopt it to bigger groups, too. Upon  the request of some  high schools, we are ready to conduct  discussions and give our lesson partly or entirely in English.

Furthermore, we take into account other possible requests of the host institutions (for example: we lay more emphasis on the EU institutions or the history of the European Union etc.)

Since the begnning of the project we have visited several secondary schools in Budapest but it is still extremely important to us toreach more institutions and more students in the very near future.

The teachers  of our EU Lessons are the enthusiastic volunteers of the Pillar Foundation. They are university students  majoring in international relations, social studies, politics, law and economics or young graduates. They want the pupils to leave high school with sufficient knowledge and insight into their opportunities and to be able to use these opportunities. We believe that the learning process at school should be complimented by practical experience.

Participants about the EU Lessons

'I liked it very much that they had shown us our opportunities and made them more interesting by telling their own tl_files/EUtanora/Szentendre_2014_2.jpgexperience.'

'We got basic information in an interesting way at a good atmosphere.'

'I liked the lesson very much. The students were very kind, the presentation was interesting, and the activities brought the members of our small group closer. I hope that we will have lessons like this in the future. Thank you for the opportunity to take part in this!'

'It was an exciting and interesting opportunity to discuss current topics with great partners. I learnd a lot.'

'I would rather sit here than at other lessons because it is interesting, it drew my attention and I was not expected to study for the lesson in the traditional sense.'

'It was a valuable and good lesson, the teachers were well prepared and they could answer every question. I learned a lot about Europe and the volunteer programs in the EU.'

'Thank you for the opportunity to be there. I liked it very much. They were really well prepared.'

'I liked it very much. It was a useful one and half hours. The games were enjoyable. Big LIKE for the group leaders.'

EU Lessons so far


II. Rákóczi Ferenc Primary and Secondary Grammar School in Szentendre

Veres Péter Secondary School


Baár-Madas Reformed Secondary School

BTS - Dance Art Studio Vocational School in Budapest

The Hunfalvy János Bilingual Secondary Vocational School of Economics and Trade/Commercial

Veres Péter Secondary Grammar School

Veres Pálné Secondary Grammar School

Bókay János Human Billingual Vocational School

Premontrei St. Norbert Secondary School

Bródy Imre Secondary School


Berzsenyi Dániel Secondary School

Könyves Kálmán Secondary School

Teleki Blanka Secondary School

Dobó István Secondray School

Kner Imre Secondary and Vocational School

Tóth Árpád Secondary School  



You can check the photos about our EU Lessons on the Facebook page of the Foundation. 

Contact us

It would be a plesure fot us to hold EU Lessons in Your school too.


If you are interested in EULessons, do not hesitate to contact us on the following email address: 

dioszegi.zsofia [at] pillar-europe.eu .

Zsófia Diószegi EULessons coordinator is responsible for the program.