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Europe is yours!

The main aim of the ’Europe is Yours!’ project is to promote European values, raise awareness about European identity and the possibilities granted by the EU and to promote knowledge about the European Union.  The target group consists of socially and geographically less privileged high school students. The project is realized in cooperation with the UCCU Roma Informal Educational Foundation and the Foundation for Democratic Youth.

Europe is Yours!’ has been granted 49 448 EUR by the NGO Fund of the Norway Grant.

The project lasts for 13 months and Pillar Foundation works together with 10 secondary schools, 250 students, 20 teachers and 20 volunteers during this time.

What has been done..

Kick-off meeting

The kick-off meetings of ‘Europe is Yours!’ took place in April 2015. The participants were the members of the project team (coordinator, experts and admin staff) and they discussed all the details of the project during the meetings. We needed to meet two times in order to organise everything. All the organizers and the experts got to know each other and the secondary schools, discussed the schedule and fixed the appointments of the first programs. During the second meeting we talked about the rules of the documentation of the project elements. The trainers began to prepare the first volunteer training; the main aim of the training was that the volunteers get to know each other. Furthermore, the sensitization for the topic was an important element of the discussions. 

First volunteers’ training

The first volunteer training took place between 15th and 17th May in Budapest and it was the most important training in the project.  20 volunteers took part in the training in order to introduce the process and to provide the EU workshops. The trainers were Flóra LÁSZLÓ, head of the UCCU Foundation and László MILUTINOVITS, the professional leader of the Pillar Foundation. Despite the short time we discussed a lot of topics. On the first day we presented the projects for the volunteers and László KISS, the trainer from DIA (Foundation for Democratic Youth) reviewed the basis of debating on EU matters. On the first day “the volunteers learning log” was introduced as well. The main aim of this log is to encourage and support the learning process and help to summarize what they have learned. On the second day Nikolett SZABÓ (director of the Pillar Foundation) improved the volunteers’ knowledge about the European Union. After that the volunteers began to create their workshops and prepared for the school visits.  On the last day the focus was on conflict management and we formed the pairs who would hold the workshops in the secondary schools. The volunteers needed help from the mentors in order to develop the methodology and content of the workshops.

They met personally several times during the summer and the mentors were available all the time via email or mobile as well. They had to coordinate the work of the pairs in order to create the workshops and they had to solve personal problems as well. The mentors are: Nikolett SZABÓ, László KISS, Flóra LÁSZLÓ, László MILUTINOVITS.

School visits

During May and June the volunteers visited the partner schools in order to get more information about the students’ fields of interest.

The partner schools:

  • Baptista Szeretetszolgálat EJSZ Széchenyi István Gimnáziuma, Szakközépiskolája, Általános Iskolája és Sportiskolája
  • Dabasi Kossuth Zsuzsanna Szakképző Iskola és Kollégium
  • Dr. Ámbédkar Iskola
  • FM DASzK, Szakképző Iskola - Teleki Zsigmond, Mezőgazdasági Szakképző Iskolája és Kollégiuma
  • Kövessi Erzsébet Baptista Szakközépiskola, Szakiskola és Gimnázium
  • Lakatos Menyhért Általános Iskola és Gimnázium
  • Leőwey Klára Gimnázium
  • Mikszáth Kálmán Líceum
  • Szent József Gimnázium, Szakközépiskola és Kollégium
  • Dr Hegedűs T. András Szakiskola, Középiskola, Általános Iskola és Kollégium

EU trainings

The volunteers could take part on three sessions about the European Union in the European Point in June, so they could improve their knowledge. The main topics were: Erasmus+, EU funding and support, employment and education, and social affairs in the EU. 

Second Volunteers’ training

The volunteers took part in the second training on 27th and 28th June in Budapest.  On the first day they shared their experiences and impressions about the school visiting. In addition we discussed topics from the European Union’s political life. We tried to find time to talk about the common social programs as well. On the rest of the day we started the serious work. The main topics of the day were style and role of the facilitator, structure and elements of EU workshops, methodology and content. Volunteers learned a lot and one of the most interesting things was that the thesaurus of the warm-up games is endless. On the second day volunteers got to know the content and structure of the previous EU workshops and simulations (the ones that have already been used in Pillar in its previous work). In the afternoon participants were working on the lesson plans and it was not only exciting but also challenging.


During the summer the volunteers were working on their workshops, they developed the methodology and curriculum of their workshops and on 12th September they had the opportunity to test their workshops. During this time the mentors helped a lot to improve all of them. The volunteers tried only a part of the workshops and the participants, mentors and trainers gave feedback about their work.  It was very useful for them; they could correct and improve their workshop until the real one. 

Teachers’ meeting

The teacher’s meeting was at the end of September. We invited the teachers from the partner schools in order to prepare the workshops and to learn how to make professional discussions. The main aims of the meeting were: to familiarize the project, to meet the participants, to hold professional discussions. We introduced the activities of the Pillar Foundation, UCCU Foundation and DIA. We discussed the next steps and the feedbacks of the teachers. The teachers were very committed to support the project and the volunteers.

The part of the project was a memory game about the members of the European Union this little gift got the teachers at the meeting in order that the students can learn more about the member states.

EU workshops

After the hard work the volunteers started to visit the schools and hold EUworkshops for the students. So far all of them has been very successful, the students and the teachers were very satisfied with the workshops and with the volunteers.  Our volunteers visited the following places: Alsózsolca, Budapest, Dabas, Pásztó, Pécs, Villány.


  • Europe Day
  • CSR Market
  • Tilos Maraton and Tilos Radio
  • Civil Radio
  • Sziget Festival
  • EFOTT Festival