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How to apply?

Dear Students,

The Pillar Foundation is committed to recruit students interested in the EU and  the field of civil societies for the Pillar Europe Club which is a  self-organized group of students in higher education and young professionals within the framework of the Pillar Foundation.

What is Pillar?

The Pillar Foundation is a civil youth organization dedicated or committed to strengthen the identity of Europeanness among Hungarian youth by bringing together, assisting and training young adults interested in the European Union and Euro-Atlantic relations.

Why is it worth to join?

  • The Pillar Foundation offers the following:
  • Regular professional lectures and training courses
  • Access to internships
  • International exchanges
  • EVS (European Volunteer Service) programs
  • Volunteering during Summer festivals (Sziget, Dunai Regatta, Europe Picnic etc.)
  • Participation in running the Foundation’s online media channels (Facebook, Twitter, the official website, etc)
  • Writing for the Foundation’s blog (www.gorbeuborka.blog.hu)
  • Experience in project management and writing tenders
  • Turning your ideas into reality
  • Mentoring from our Alumni network to ensure personal and professional development

How to apply?

Send your CV to the following email address: info@pillar-europe.eu and we will inform you about the time and place of your interview. We are looking forward to your application.