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Pillar Focus Discussion Series

The „Pillar Focus Discussion Series” was launched in August 2010. Its aim is to shed light on current issues through informal discussions with experts and to bring these issues closer to students interested in the topics.

The Pillar Focus discussions are led by an expert, who made a brief and thought provoking presentation by an informal active discussion with participants.

Originally the Pillar Focus was for the participants of the Pillar Foundation to get acquainted with the members of the Pillar Alumni network, their careers and lives.

As the discussions became more and more popular, experts from outside the Foundation were also invited and the discussions were also made open for wider audiences.

Previous Pillar Focus Discussions


Economic Policy of the EU first-handtl_files/foto/Focus_ZugoLiliana.jpg

5 March 2014.

Liliána Zúgó, economic analyst of the European Commission Representation in Hungary, led an interactive discussion about the Europe 2020 Strategy, the Commission’s country-specific recommendations for Hungary and the European Semester.



Protocol challenges in the EU

17 April 2013.

Dr. István Sille, protocol expert in Hungary, presented the basic rules of protocol, as well as some behind-the-scenes information about the world of diplomatic protocol.



Suspension of the Cohesion Fund: pros and cons

21. March 2012.

We discussed the issue of suspending the Cohesion Fund with Bálint Ódor, Deputy State Secretary for EU Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Discussion with Dr. Egon Dienes-Oehm, Judge of the Constitutional Court

25. April 2012.

The conversation was about Dr. Egon Dienes-Oehm’s personal experience as an Ambassador and about the future of European integration.


Europe: on the way to a federation?

11. October 2012.

Bálint Ódor, Deputy State Secretary for EU Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, led the discussion about the possibilities of deepening the European federation, the consequences for the Member States’ sovereignty and Hungary’s current position on this subject.


Budget estimates in the European Union

6. December 2012.

During this Pillar Focus Discussion, we talked to Dr. Géza Hetényi, Deputy State Secretary for EU Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The discussion began with the historic context of the seven-year budget. Then, we discussed the EU’s sources of income, the Commission proposal for the following budgetary period and what cutting back on the Common Agricultural Policy- and Cohesion Policy Funds means for Hungary.