EU Lesson in Veres Péter Gimnázium

On 5th June, 2014 five members of the Pillar Foundation could hold an EU Lesson to one of the classes in Veres Péter Gimnázium, Békásmegyer. The school could ensure for us 2x45 minutes, so during this short period we had to present the EU practically and in an interactiv way as well as present to the youngsters their scholarship opportunities. 

First, with the help of a “gondolatsüni” [thoughturchin] the pupils could trace what kind of opportunities come to their mind related to the EU which influence and lighten their lives. The mention of different scholarship possibilities (mainly Erasmus), travelling without passport in the Schengen area, the European Health Insurance Card, in addition the police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters were quite usual. Then we shortly presented the history of the Union, the steps of its formation, then the pupils needed to match some pictures with years. (You can see this moment on the pictures.) This was followed by a dispute in little groups, where the topic was about the further enlargement of the EU. During the second lesson the pupils solved EU crosswords, then they could hear about different youth exchanges and scholarships for youngsters. We emphasized the importance of the youth exchanges, Erasmus+ and EVS. A youth worker, Bruno from Italy also accompanied us, who told his stories about his EVS experiences in Slovakia, as well as the benefits and varieties of possibilities offered by the EU.

Hopefully, the pupils gained lots of new and useful knowledge during our EU Lesson, and (due to their questions) they could get a wider picture about their possibilities and programs.


Rita Tóth